Parent/Student Forms + Policies

Online Forms

The following forms can be filled out and submitted online.
All forms will open in a new tab or window.

Student Forms

Directed Study Proposal Online
Textbook Request Form Online

Parent Forms

Family Address Change Form Online
Ball Gym Waiver for Parents Online

Printable Forms

The following forms can be downloaded and printed out.
Some require Adobe Reader or other PDF viewing software.

Incident Report Form

Report Form for Bullying, Intimidation, and Harrassment Download

Attendance Form

Absence Form (Prearranged) Download

Financial Aid & Medical Forms

Academy Financial Aid Packet Download
Financial Aid Fee Structure and Reimbursement Information Download
Complete Health Packet for all students Download
IMPORTANT: New Medication Policy (August 2017) Download
Consent for Self Administration of Prescription Medication Download

Dual Credit Forms

Parent Permission and FERPA Forms for Dual Credit (Spring 2018) Download

Air Conditioner Forms

Student Request for Air Conditioner Download
Medical Verification for Air Conditioner Download

Other Forms

Indiana Academy Bike Program Release Waiver Download
Educational Technology and Resources Collection Checkout Form Download
Form F: Media Release Form Download

Information Documents

Move-In Checklist Download
Research/Creative Projects Course Policies Download
Community Service Form Download
Resource Information Download
Loft Guidelines Download
Wagoner Hall / Burris Map Download

Student Handbook

Contains most of the rules and regulations for students of the Indiana Academy.


Policies + Annual Announcements

The following documents contain important information regarding Indiana Academy policies and procedures. They are subject to change, but the most current versions will always be posted here.

Annual Asbestos Management Plan and Pesticide Notification Registry

An Asbestos Management Plan for The Indiana Academy is required by the Environmental Protection Agency under existing federal law. This plan is on file with the appropriate agencies. Federal Law requires that parents be notified that the plan is also on file at the Front Desk at Wagoner Hall and may be viewed by anyone who is interested. Indiana Code (357 IAC 1-16.8) requires that parents, guardians, and staff be invited to be added to a pesticide notification registry on an annual basis. If you are interested in being added to our notification registry, please contact Natalie Huggins at 765-285-8124, or stop by the Wagoner Hall front desk.

Other Policies

BSU University Schools Policy and Procedures on the Use of Restraint and Seclusion Nov. 2014
New policy document for 2014-2015 regarding specialized disciplinary actions.
Academic Intervention Process Download
Section 504 Referral Process Download
Special Education Referral Process Download