Student Handbook – History/Mission

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The Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities was created through legislative action and opened in 1990. The mission of the Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities is to provide a healthy and challenging residential community for eleventh and twelfth-grade students of high academic ability who are committed to reaching their full potential within a holistic framework. At the same time, the Academy will serve as a conduit to other high schools across the state for quality staff development, distance learning and support services.


The Academy has its own community separate from the University population. The Indiana Academy is located in Wagoner Halls, the Academy House, and part of Elliot Hall at the southwest corner of the Ball State University campus. The Academy House was added to the Indiana Academy in the 1999-2000 school year, housing the Office of Outreach Programs, Admissions, and office of the Executive Director. Wagoner Halls house the students, Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Residential and Student Affairs, Office of Academic Guidance, Office of Mental Health and Support Services, and College and Career Counseling, and Alumni Affairs. The Academy and Burris Laboratory School comprise Ball State’s University Schools. Ball State is in Muncie, Indiana, a city of approximately 68,000 people. Muncie is fifty-six miles northeast of Indianapolis, the state capital.

Administrative Offices

The following offices are generally open and available for contact during business hours, Monday through Friday, during the academic school year:

Executive Director of the Indiana AcademyDr. Dain Kavars ()765-285-8126
Administrative CoordinatorCary Witter ()765-285-7457
Director of Academic AffairsDr. Joel Olufowote ()765-285-4136
Director of External AffairsJulie Tuttle Davis ()765-285-4303
Director of Residential and Student AffairsPaul Douglas ()765-285-8127
Associate Director / Head of AdmissionsDr. Jo Tuite ()765-285-8109
Associate Director of College Counseling and Student EngagementCasey Schultz ()765-285-7322
Assistant Director of Mental Health and Support ServicesDr. Mindy Wallpe ()765-285-5483
Associate Director of Residential and Student AffairsBridger Fetters ()765-285-8123
Assistant Director of Academic Advising and GuidanceMeg Wright ()765-285-7407
Assistant Director of Outreach ProgramsMelissa Bucur ()765-285-6156
Attendance CoordinatorRenee Drumm ()765-285-8110
International Program DirectorHuey She Chew ()765-285-8130
Nurse ManagerNikki Al Khatib, RN ()765-285-7360