Student Handbook – Technology Use Policy

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Technology Use Policies

Computers and related equipment (printers, scanners, etc.) are provided for Indiana Academy students for educational purposes and communication with others. This policy outlines the regulations for the use of lounge desktop computers, switches and other related equipment such as printers, scanners, etc. The computers and related equipment are the property of the Indiana Academy and for appropriate use only as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy. Students are responsible for checking, reading, understanding, and if necessary, responding to official school information found in their school email account at least once in a 24-hour period. This is to ensure that important updates and information are conveyed and addressed in a timely manner for all parties involved. This excludes days when the Academy is closed for extended weekends/breaks. The student’s use of the school’s computers, network, and internet services is a privilege, not a right. Unacceptable use, activity, or care of school computers and related equipment may result in suspension or cancellation of privileges as well as additional disciplinary action and/or legal action.

Desktop Computers: Labs and Study Lounges

Desktop computers for student use are located at various places within Wagoner Hall.

  1. Students are not to use the computers to play games or movies. These are primarily for educational use.
  2. If you are using the computer for audio purposes, use the headsets.
  3. If other students are waiting do not use the computers for long periods of time.
  4. Do not add or delete software from the computers.
  5. Save all of your work on a disk or drive not on the hard drive of the computer.
  6. Students should remain as quiet as possible so as not to disturb others using the computers or printers.
  7. Do not waste or take supplies, such as paper and toner, provided by the Academy.
  8. The computers and related equipment must be used so as not to damage them.

Switches & Routers

Students are allowed to only use the switches provided by the Academy to connect two computers in a dorm room to the network and internet. These switches are provided free of charge to Academy students. Students are not allowed to bring or use non-Academy networking equipment (e.g. hubs, routers, etc.).


Printers are available in various lounges around Wagoner Hall. Students have access to $25 per semester in printing credits used to print on the Pharos printing system in the Academy and at other locations around campus including Bracken Library. Students access these funds by using the ID card reader on the printer.

Students can print from University printers by uploading Microsoft Word, Excel, or Powerpoint, PDF, images, and text documents at

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