Alumni Spotlight: Andie Redwine ’92

A native Hoosier with an Italian heritage, Andie Redwine enjoys telling stories and entertaining good friends around her table.

A graduate of the Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities, Andie was on the “how-many-colleges-and-universities-can-you-attend-before-actually-graduating-with-a-degree” track of study, beginning at Earlham College in the philosophy department, stopping off at Indiana University and Saint Louis University and their philosophy departments, and finally graduating with a degree in Christian Ministry from Austin Graduate School of Theology in Austin, Texas.

She wrote and produced the award-winning Paradise Recovered, which is being distributed by Monarch. The film lightheartedly addresses hard questions about faith, tolerance and spiritual abuse in modern culture. She created By The Glass Productions in the hopes of telling more stories that champion the strength of the human spirit while capturing the soul of middle America.

Andie is currently in pre-production on two narrative feature films while producing a number of commercial video projects with other independent filmmakers around the country. And she writes something every day.

Andie and her husband, Ron Becker, pretend to be farmers with their four children and their three dogs in the middle of a hay field near Bloomington, Indiana.