Alumni Spotlight: Tim Katamba ’10

Mervyn “Tim” Katamba (class of 2010) from Avon, Indiana joined the Academy after coming to the BSU campus to accept a minority academic achievement award with future classmates. It was at this event that he had the fortune of meeting the Academy’s head of admissions who would influence Tim and his family to making one of the most impactful decisions of his life. With a proud Ugandan heritage rooted in higher learning, Tim’s parents were enamored by the opportunity to have him enrolled in one of the most acclaimed high schools in not just the state but the nation.

To Tim, the Academy offered far more than he initially bargained for. The rigor of the courses, the passion of the teaching staff, the comradery of the students; the Academy soon became a home away from home. In his time there he was afforded many opportunities such as: learning both Japanese and French, becoming an AP Chemistry tutor/assistant, living with peers that would become his best friends, and much more. The devoted guidance of the teachers would shape his future and eventually lead him into an internship at AIT Laboratories following his senior year that nurtured a love of chemistry and engineering.

Tim went on to attend Purdue University and study Material Science Engineering. During his time at college he would intern and perform project work for Alcoa and Enkei America. Graduating in 2015, he accepted a rotational engineering program position at Timken Steel in Canton, Ohio leading up to becoming a technical service engineer. In 2016, Tim accepted a full time position as a Technical Service and Application Development Engineer with customer accounts in the automotive and industrial markets. With many high profile accounts like: John Deere, ThyssenKrupp, and most domestic automotive producers; the position offers a demanding and rewarding experience much like the good ol’ days at the Academy where he credits his achievements.